DD-Loyalty App for Business

The Loyalty Program of Choice for Businesses

You certainly want to keep your products, services, your shop, or your brand on top of customers' minds. You also may wish for reaching your customers anytime and anywhere on the screens of their smartphones while they are on the move.
Fully aware that the days of old-fashioned, complicated loyalty program systems are gone with the wind, Dual Directions is meeting all your needs with its stunt application DD-Loyalty App for Business, the brilliant customer Loyalty evolution.

DD-Loyalty App for Business is your perfect platform to fulfill your business needs regarding loyalty programs management and can easily be your awesome marketing tool!

In addition, DD-Loyalty App for Business is mobile-first because your customers are mobile living in fully mobile world!

Now, it's time for you to know what DD-Loyalty App for Business actually does for you ..

Benefits of DD Loyalty App for Business:

1. It's easy to reach your current customers.
2. It's easier for you to target new customers.
3. You can effortlessly accept any customer's request to join your customer loyalty program.
4. With just one click, you can grant customers digital loyalty membership cards and upgrade existing ones.
5. You'll keep your customers regularly updated on your new products & services, your offers and your promotions.
6. You'll engage your customers through polls and thus listen to them via their feedback and real-time inquiries & questions.
7. You can invite your customers to your special events witha view to build strong relations with them.
8. You'll be able to reward your customers for their loyalty by means of a fair points system that boosts customer satisfaction.
9. You'll be able to design various membership packages (bronze, gold, silver, ..etc.) for the purpose of market segmentation.

Moreover, with DD-Loyalty desktop window version, you can:

1. Easily build a bridge with your current POS to integrate customers' points management.
2. Import/Export functionality for your customers' records and their points.

Now, what about OUR PARTERNS who have used DD Loyalty App for Business to go digital, go smarter and go easier? Oh, it's another story!