Does Customer Loyalty Result From Product Quality Or Customer Satisfaction/

There goes the alarm ringing in my head! And here goes the common marketing recommendation: identity what the customer “needs”, then work on meeting this need, and then “satisfaction” will be dropped on your customer by parachute behind enemy lines (competitors!). Has anybody mentioned anything about installing an online rewards program or a loyalty app?!

But remember: it’ll all end up, according to common wisdom, with your business having a classic “satisfied customer”, who will, via your professional customer loyalty program, magically metamorphose
into a “repeat customer”, and who will then, with a bit of luck, spread the word about your product. Finally, you’ll be exceeding your sales target, your revenues will grow and your margins will double up.


Congratulations! Shall we say “wow”? Definitely no! This process is by no means ideal or real. A lot is missing, including how we understand what I’d call “customer satisfaction determiners”.

At the outset, let’s say that we all are okay with the notion that “customer satisfaction” always plays the greatest role in your business’ success or failure. However, a number of other questions persist, including what are the factors that determine such satisfaction? Is it an issue of “product quality”?Furthermore, is there any proportional relation between customer satisfaction and product quality? Is it the only determiner, or just part of a whole?

According to authoritative research, improved product quality may result in more revenues, but still, the story is not over, as there are other determiners that possibly affect whether your customer is happy or not.

It’s not exclusively an issue of product quality, because “service” definitely has a tremendous impact at this point. If asked about their “not good” customer experience and their resultant low level of satisfaction, most people will not talk about the product, but about “service”, and particularly about “after-sales service”.

So, take from me: it’s not wholly about your product, but also about your salespersons and your call centre agents. Get them to smile at your customers both in the shop and over the phone. Believe me: it pays off!

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