DD-Loyalty setup

Our DD-Loyalty for Business app is designed to facilitate customer loyalty. Our app keeps your company brand front of mind leveraging the reach of mobiles to engage with clients and keep your brand alive in their pocket. Setup is an easy one-time affair and there is no maintenance, it's always you and your customers, in direct contact.

1. Buy DD-Loyalty for Business from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (coming soon) and install it on your Staff Manager's device.

Your Staff Manager must setup the company profile, loyalty cards and is able to link staff accounts to your company profile.

2. Create your company profile and setup the Staff Manager account.

3. Upload loyalty cards templates.

4. Update your locations and company branches.

5. Link an unlimited number staff accounts with your company profile.

6. Install DD-Loyalty for Business and create an Owner account on the device of your company's Customer Loyalty Owner.

This is usually the company Owner / CEO or for larger business it is the Financial Manager or a Sales/Marketing Executive. They must review and approve all messages company staff want to send out to customers.

7. On the Staff Manager device, link the Owner account to the company profile.

8. Receive and accept customer requests to join company loyalty system, send announcements and polls and grow your loyal customer base for repeat sales.

DD-Loyalty for Business in pictures

DD-Loyalty for Business - home screenDD-Loyalty for Business - company profile and settingsDD-Loyalty for Business - customers requests to join loyalty system


DD-Loyalty for Business - loyal customers DD-Loyalty for Business - messages, announcements and polls for your customers DD-Loyalty for Business - customer feedback