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About The App

DD-Loyality App Binifits for Clients

  • It’s available on both Android and IOS.
  • You’ll have you preferred brand’s loyalty membership card in your smartphone, not in your wallet.
  • It facilitates the process of rewarding you for your loyalty with points and exclusive discounts. So, with it, you feel it pays dividends to be loyal to your preferred brand.
  • It’s so easy for you to find and select your preferred company, shop or brand, and find all data about it. You just browse through businesses, shops and brands, select the preferred company, and request membership of the selected company’s loyalty program. Then the company receives your request and provides you with the digital loyalty card, which pushes you into a world of benefits.
  • It makes it easy for you to access VIP exclusive offers.
  • It keeps you regularly updated on your favorite brand’s relevant information, new products, new services, new offerings…etc. You can review all special offers, promotions and special events.
  • You’ll also constantly receive offers and special discounts from other companies of which you are not a member.
  • You can easily provide your feedback, your thanks, your suggestions and your questions to the company management and receive a quick answer to your inquiry.
  • Your privacy is well guarded.
  • All steps, including requesting membership, are done simultaneously in no time.
  • You’ll have all your loyalty cards for all selected brands/companies in one place.

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