App’s Features

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Loyalty Business Solution end to end

Digital and Tangibl loyalty card trigger to keep brands in mind

– Fully virtual with auto AI

– Fair & Flexible rewarding system

– Linkable to current POS

Membership Business Solution

Leverage the reach of smart phones ( end to end )

– Fully Virtual

– Membership validity control

– Linkable to current POS

Keep your BRAND, Store & Products

on top of your clients mind

– Send directed special offers

– Speedy brand awareness to gain new clients

– Geo Targeting new clients with direct offers

Engage with your customers throug

DD-Loyality offers Life Engaging with your client

Polls & feedback

Real-time inquiries & questions


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Loyal Clients App


Benefits for Business

What DD-Loyalty App for Business actually does for you ..

  • It’s easy to reach your current customers.

  • It’s easier for you to target new customers.

  • Easy accept any customer’s request to join your customer loyalty program.

  • With just one click, you can grant customers digital loyalty membership cards.

  • With just one click, you can upgrade existing customers membership.

  • Regularly updated your customers about new products & services, offers, & promotions.

  • Boosts customer satisfaction by reward them for their loyalty

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We Make Your life Easier

Great Marketing Tools

DD-Loyalty is a Brilliant App for Businesses to reach out to customer and lead generation.

  • Easy to Reach your Customers
  • Easier to target new customers
  • Easy to accept new customers subscription
  • Reaching your customers they are on the move.
  • Easily invite new customers to your loyalty program through a unique link
  • Keep your store, products & brands on top of clients’ minds
  • Invite your customers to your special events witha view to build strong relations with them.
  • Market Segmentation – Design various membership packages (bronze, gold, silver, ..etc.)
  • Engage your customers through polls and listen to them via feedback and real-time inquiries & questions.
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